Freddy and Pete

Today, I had my fourth grade class do a storytelling circle – where one person begins with “Once upon a time…” and then everyone contributes a part of the story until we have an ending. I like it because it’s collaborative, and everyone gets to participate and have ownership in the project. It’s also good because it helps ease students into the process of storytelling by asking for only part of a story, rather than a whole one.

After we came up with our narrative, everyone drew pictures for their part of the story to film with their voice over. When we’re finished next week, I’m going to edit it all together into a little film to put on Youtube.


Once upon a time, there was an apple named Freddy who lived in the rain forest. One day he meets Pete the toilet. They get into a fight over paper towels. Freddy likes paper towels and Pete doesn’t. They decide to wrestle over it. Toilet Pete wins. Freddy then turns into a human named Martin. Martin eats the toilet, and gets a kidney stone. Martin gets an operation to remove it, and is cured. The end.

The kids didn’t like the last part about the kidney stones because it didn’t make sense (?!): “How can a toilet give you kidney stones? They’re made of rubber! That’s not logical!” Or: “That’s gross! Wait….what’s a kidney stone?”

I know you’re dying to see it, so here’s a teaser until then:


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