Shanghai Exhibit @ the Asian Art Museum

While I was leading my first ArtSpeak/TILT workshop at the Asian Art Museum yesterday, I had a chance to briefly check out the new Shanghai exhibit. To be perfectly honest, museums tend to drive me nuts (I get overwhelmed, and then speed through everything…I can’t stand tours either), but I found this exhibit to be genuinely engaging. In the particular gallery I got a chance to peek at, there were some very striking political and propaganda posters, amazing woodblock prints, cartoons, some gorgeous oil paintings of “the worker,” and lots of other, diverse pieces of art from a place that I had never really wondered about before. Shanghai has me intrigued now! I’d have to say I enjoyed it as much as the Robert Frank exhibit at SFMOMA (another museum that usually drives me bonkers), and am looking forward to getting a better look at it.

Moonlight over Huangpu River, 1930s. By Yuan Xiutang (dates unknown). Chromolithograph on paper. Collection of the Shanghai History Museum.

(Image taken from the AAM website)


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