Miss Pio’s Media Arts Class

Youtube is not accessible in SFPSD computer labs, so I created a Vimeo site for my students to be able to see and share their work on-line with their friends and families. 

There are three short films I will be posting: “Barf Beans” (personal favorite), “Violin Friends,” and “Drugs.” 

It was quite a struggle to get my students to really think about story structure and do the whole pre-production process (I had to bribe them with a “Shaun the Sheep” marathon and popcorn), but  I think we made some pretty good shorts. 

I showed the finished projects to the students and they were “meh.” The boys featured in “Barf Beans” giggled nonstop through the screening of the final cut, but then got mad when they noticed the girls were laughing too. And then the 5th graders were upset I cut out all the funny parts, especially the footage we had to shoot when one of our actors was stuck in a bucket. Everyone’s a critic! Oh well my dears! 

Check it out at: http://www.vimeo.com/misspiomediaarts


3 thoughts on “Miss Pio’s Media Arts Class

  1. Creative, fascinating and original films these three. They are the best. Well done. Good job. Very, very entertaining. I especially like the originality of all three. Thank you so much for giving me the chance to see them.

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