SFIFF 2010 (meh)

The San Francisco International Film Festival has been underway, and I have been able to see two programs so far: “Pirate Utopias,” a collection of experimental shorts, and “Soul Kitchen” by Fatih Akin. On Thursday I will see “Wild Grass” by Alain Resnais.

"Wildgrass" (Alain Resnais, 2009)

I actually didn’t pick any of these films, I just said “ok” to them blindly (can’t say no to free festival tickets!) which I think is best for me, since I probably wouldn’t bother watching any of these films otherwise if I had researched them beforehand. I’ve been unexcited about films lately. The last movie I really enjoyed seeing was “The Fantastic Mr. Fox,” and “Kunjo” (made by the supremely talented Terrie Samundra, who happens to be a best friend of mine, and shot by the always dapper D.W. Lech), which was quite some time ago. I don’t know when I got so picky, but I’m always wishing I could lose myself in a film and that “magic” never seems to quite happen anymore. I’ll be sad if that means I’ve lost my innocence as a film goer…(wah)…

Anyways, back to SFIFF…So far, I have been underwhelmed. The shorts didn’t seem to be of a higher caliber than shorts that I have seen elsewhere (at less well-known or prestigious film festivals). And watching “Soul Kitchen” was alright, but it was supposed to be a comedy, and I didn’t laugh once!

"Soul Kitchen" (Fatih Akin, 2009)

I’m not sure why. Everyone else was hooting and hollering at it, but my funny bone remained firmly untickled. I’ve never been accused of lacking a sense of humor, so maybe some of the audience was laughing because everyone else was? Pack mentality, but for comedy? Who knows!

I’m pretty poor at the moment, but I might suspend my Blue Bottle addiction for a few days to be able to spring for another ticket. I would like to see at least one more film before the festival is over, and am deliberating between:

1. A Brand New Life (Ounie Lecomte, 2009)

"A Brand New Life" (Ounie Lecomte, 2009)

2. Night Catches Us (Tanya Hamilton, 2009)

"Night Catches Us" (Tanya Hamilton, 2009)

3. La Pivellina (Tizza Covi, Rainier Frimmel, 2009)

"La Pivellina" (Tizza Covi, Rainier Frimmel, 2009)

Hopefully, one of these films will restore my wide-eyed wonder for movies!!!


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