Watched the 6:45 “Wild Grass” showing tonight at the Kabuki. I had no idea what the film was about, aside from it including an old dude and a wallet. I should have been tipped off by the sea of silver and white hairs in the audience that it was a middle-aged love story (which is awesome, I’m just making an observation…)

I had never seen an Alain Resnais film before, and found the movie to be enjoyable Frenchie fluff. However, there was one thing that confused me quite a bit.

Okay, this guy is the main character:

“Georges” (Andre Dussollier) looks pretty old, right? I thought he was 76, 73 on a good day? He’s only 64! He’s technically a “senior” but he totally looks elderly. I mean, no offense, but he looks TERRIBLE for his age!   

But check this lady out: 

When she first came on screen, I thought she was his DAUGHTER…It took me forever to figure out that she was his WIFE! HUH? Her character is not blind, so I do not understand. The actress, Anne Consigny, is 47 but doesn’t she look amazing?  Was the casting director drunk? On what planet are these two a believable couple? 

“Georges” also sleeps with “Josepha” (played by 45 year old Emmanuelle Devos ) in her Smart car: 

??? Well, her character was drunk at the time, but she seemed just tipsy, not like…blackout drunk. 

At least the main love interest, “Marguerite,” is played by an actress close to Dussollier’s age: 

Sabine Azema is only a few years younger than Mr. Dussollier, but doesn’t she looks a thousand times better? And younger? Are French men not expected to preserve themselves as well as their female counterparts? That’s not fair! 

I guess as a 31 year old, I don’t understand how a doddering old coot (not Mr. Dussollier, his character) could entrance three smart, beautiful women. Was the ridiculousness of it supposed to be part of it’s offbeat charm? Or is it a French thing, and I’m a close-minded American? Or just an old man’s fantasy?

Either way, my mind was thoroughly boggled. 



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