10/14 Lecture – Film as Political Expression: Pacific Islanders and Media

Yesterday I did my regular Pacific Islanders and Media lecture in my friend’s Pacific Islander Studies class at City College San Francisco. It’s always slightly amazing to be there, since I can clearly remember when my friend, David Palaita, and I were both undergrad students ourselves at the UW ten years ago. I never imagined I would be lecturing a class that he was a professor of, so it’s very cool. 

The weather here in SF is super hot, and everyone was kind of lethargic and dozey, but the class really responded well to the films I showed them. This time, I switched up my regular media literacy lecture and focused instead on profiling four young Pacific Islander filmmakers making films that can be understood or used in an indigenous political context. It was my first time doing this particular presentation, so hopefully it went well. 

As I was speaking, I noticed that one of the students had a very angry expression on her face – which totally puzzled me, because what on earth would she be upset about? And then she surprised me by asking a thoughtful (non angry) question about one of the films I screened. As I walked closer towards her to answer, I was startled to notice that her angry looking eyebrows didn’t move at all the whole time she was talking. They were actually painted on. OH! So it wasn’t me. Just goes to show you that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, or a person by their eyebrows. 

Below are pictures from the lecture. My friend has a made point now of photographing all of his guest speakers and posting them to Facebook. When he told me that the day before, I said, “You better make sure I look cute!” And he replied, “Girl, that ain’t my job. All I do is snap the photos, bringing the cute is your business! So you better be as cute as you wanna be!”

So I guess I didn’t quite bring it, since I wouldn’t call the the pictures “cute,” but they’re not awful either. There’s only one of me with my eyes closed (not posted below!)



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