Little Things…

Working with kids, it’s hard not be greatly amused by the funny things they say sometimes. Especially when the humor comes from their candidness about what and how they think, rather then when they intentionally try to make you laugh. I try my best to keep a straight face, but sometimes I can’t help but break it.

Many of the snippets below were written verbatim on little scraps of paper I’ve collected over the past few years. Maybe they’re not that funny, but they had me giggling at the time.

Group discussion on story structure in my digital storytelling class..

ME (to the class): “What are some of your favorite stories?”

A: “Nate the Great!”

ME (having a grandma moment): “Naked Grapes?! What kind of book is that?”

A (confused): “No! Nate the Great!”

ME: “Oh, I’m sorry. Nate the Great…yes, of course!”

Class is still laughing. 

ME: “I know I misheard, but what is still so funny?”

Class: “We’re imagining little grapes peeling their skins off…”

A and B are BFFs, it is so obvious. They are in a major  elementary school bro-mance…

A: “How did you know we’re friends?”

ME: “What do you mean, aren’t you friends?”

A: “Yeah. But how did you know that.”

B: “He’s just being that way because we had a little fight earlier. He stole my Kleenex. But I’m over it, we’re friends again.”

Back from Winter Break…

ME: “What is your goal for the new year?”

A: “My goal is to be brave. And to slap a teenager.”

B: “My goal is to gain 50 pounds. I only weigh 51 pounds. I’m very skinny [pulls up shirt, revealing tiny tummy]. Everyone in my family can pick me up and carry me.  Except my little brother.”

C: “Don’t do that! You’ll SMOOSH him! Your little brother!”

D: “If you gained like, 50 pounds…That’s like the size of a young adult. You’ll be like a young adult. You don’t want that.”

B pats tummy.

At the beginning of my class, I usually have a group share where students can share something about their day or week, or their life in general…

A: “Yeah, there was a blackout. And I was home, and I was trying to turn on the television and it wouldn’t come on,  and that’s how I knew there was a blackout. And then I heard my grandpa tryin’ to feel his way around the hallway. And then he took a shower in the dark (class giggles.) So weird! And then I heard an ambulance, but I just figured some oldie fell down the stairs…”  (Shocked gasp from the rest of the group.)

CLASS: “Was it your GRANDFATHER?!!”

A: “Huh?”

We had a interesting on-going discussion  one time regarding gender, gender roles, and gender expectations. It all started when I asked why seeing the girl’s bathroom in a short film we shot was so shocking to our male students…

A (boy): “I had never seen the girl’s bathroom before!”

B (girl): “Big deal. It’s gross, it’s like all pink and stuff.”

C (girl): “Yeah, just cuz we’re girls doesn’t mean we like pink. They just assume that. I hate going in there.”

D (boy): “Yeah, that’s like…racist.”

One of our projects last year was a stop-motion animation project using clay. The fourth grade boys were in a group together, and two of them didn’t quite connect…

A: “Look!Mycobrawillattackyoursnowmonsterandthensquirtpoisononitandthenthesnowmonsterwill breakintoaMILLIONPIECES!!!!KABOOSH!!!!Andyeahthenthepieceswillgoalloverlikethis (swooshes arms)andthecobrawillbelike, ‘HAHA!'”

B: “I’d like to point some things out to you. First of all, it’s a snowMAN not a snowmonster, and secondly, you can only have snowmen in the winter, when cobras hibernate. So, maybe you want to re-think that.”

A: “OMG!!!We’re using our imaginations, it doesn’t matter!”

B rolls eyes.

We had to do like, seven takes of this one line for a short PSA the fourth grade boys made about what to do when you see something inappropriate on the computer…

A: “I saw something unappropriate on the computer!”

B (whispering): “INappropriate!”

A: “Hah? What?”

B: “It’s INappropriate, not UNappropriate.”

A: “OH, really? Lemme do that line again…”

A: “I saw something unappropriate on the computer!”

B (completely exasperated): “INappropriate!”

A: “Oops! I meant inappropriate, why do I keep saying unappropriate?”

B: “How would I know?!”

ME: “Ok, let’s try that one more time.”

A: “I saw something unappro…I mean, INappropriate on the computer!”


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