If you are looking for information on the disappearance of Tilo Faoa, please go to Francisco Da Costa’s blog at:


Additional details and links to his prior postings on Tilo Faoa can be found in the comments section below.




17 thoughts on “Missing: TILOTILO FAOA

  1. The San Francisco Chief of Police – Chief Gregory Suhr has personally ordered the authorities to focused on this case and do all in the power to help the family. I was contacted by Pastor Alex Toeaina and Tilotilo Faoa girlfriend Jackie Gese Siaki about this case and took charge of the situation within minutes.

    The family has got one lead of his belongings found on the Golden Gate Bridge . The San Francisco Police Department is aware of this fact and doing all in the power to help the family. As I said the Chief of Police has personally ordered the authorities to do all in their power to help the family.

    My name is Francisco Da Costa and I am an ardent supporter of the Polynesian families in the Bay Area – well known by all the Polynesian leaders.

    In a case – as with any other like case – the first few days in always difficult. No one really knows how to prepare themselves when a loved one is missing. Today, as was yesterday – when most everything known about this case – is in place – we are now poised to deal with the facts and bring about sound resolution – with a fairly good idea of what took place.

    In San Francisco – I will not permit any authority to take such an incident – lightly. Believe me I am very focused and have hundreds of my contacts – doing all in their power to help the family.

    As soon I was contacted by Pastor Alex Toeaina and Tilotilo’s girl friend – we all have been on alert – 24/7 and are doing everything possible to help the family.

    As I said the Golden Gate Bridge lead is critical in this case – because the belongs have been identified as belonging to Tilotilo Faoa.

    In the interim – it is our duty to pray to God – to HIM belongs everything – and Polynesians as a whole are spiritual people – I consider them very close to my heart. God bless you all. I will do all in my power to help this family.

    The San Francisco Police Department under our Chief of Police – Chief Gregory Suhr is personally involved in this case.

    I am in contact with Jackie Gese Siaki – and we all pray and hope that God will bring this case to the best – conclusion. God Bless You All.


  2. Thank you so much for your information and update, as well as all the work you have done. As I don’t know anyone involved personally, it was hard to find out anything. I see the flyers every time I go to work and it is very heart-breaking.

  3. I have done my best to contact the Main Media. Let us see who responds.

    I also visited the Golden Gate Bridge today.

    Visited the Presidio of San Francisco – and spoke with the U.S.Park Police.

    Missing Person Report: 120439973

    California Highway Patrol: 415.924.1100
    SFPD Missing Person #: 415.5585508

    Spread the word and you too can email and call the Main Media.

    Francisco Da Costa

    1. Thank you for the numbers! I appreciate you commenting on my blog. There have been many folks looking for info on Tilo Faoa’s case (as my blog statistics tell me) and were no doubt helped by the info you provided. I hope the local media does indeed respond.

  4. June 2, 2012 is the day Tilotilo Faoa went missing. What makes this case complicated is that on June 2, 2012 at about 1:30 pm there was a reported case of a person jumping into the Ocean – from the Golden Gate Bridge. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) found some clothes and an Identification Card – belonging to Tilotilo Faoa.

    Officer Bautista from the CHP – Badge # 18191 is still investigating the case. Daily some of us call the CHP at: 415.924.1100 and ask for an update.
    The answer is always the same – this is an open case and we pursuing the leads. One of which is looking out for a body that has washed on the shoreline. While the answer is one we do not want to hear – the reality of the fact – given the circumstances – is one that can only be stated – in the given circumstances.

    As some of you know – the family has posted may flyers down town and all over the City of San Francisco.

    For those of you that make statements about the Main Media – it is frustrating for some of us – when the Main Media does not react the way we want them to. We on our part can request them to announce the Missing Person Report and show Tilotilo Faoa photograph. This has not been forthcoming.

    Lessons learned we need to have some organization about all Polynesians to deal with the situations like this – there are many.

    Social Media – FaceBook and other Blogs do help. They have done an excellent job if you ask me. I could have posted the information on one of my Blogs but I chose to use this blog Cinemapasifika – because that is what I felt at the time – could get the information out quickly.

    The two numbers to call is : 415.894.7321


    The Missing Person Incident Number is: 120 439 973

    The two number to call about the status of this case are: San Francisco Police Department : 415.558.5508

    California Highway Patrol: 415.9241100

    We must keep the faith. We must do what is possible to help as a family and help the family of Tilo – who love their son.

    His girl friend Gese Siaki has been monitoring this case as best as she can. Making the daily calls and answering the telephones.

    Some of us that know the family – should volunteer – in some capacity. Share the love and keep the faith.

    God Bless You All.

    Francisco Da Costa

  5. Tilotilo Faoa has been missing since June 2, 2012.

    I have posted an article on my blog that reaches many. Incorporated CINEMAPASIFIKA as part of the information.

    June 22, 2012 in the morning before 9:30 there is going to be a Golden Gate Bridge Board meeting – I plan to be there –
    if some of you can attend – it would be good. You can get details by going to the Golden Gate Bridge District web site.

    Here is my article:


    Francisco Da Costa
    Environmental Justice Advocacy

  6. willing to help and support the family of Tilo, planning on coming to the Golden Gate Meeting this friday. Praying for his safe return and that the family continues to stay strong knowing that God will bring him home.

    1. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend. Perhaps Francisco Da Costa or someone who attended could update us here in the comments? I’m sure a lot of folks are curious to hear how it went.

    1. That’s an important and heartbreaking question. I don’t know. He is still missing. My original post was about my frustration at not being able to find more information on his disappearance because of the lack of media attention. I didn’t know him personally, but was hoping he would be safely found. A community leader working with the family (Francisco Da Costa) had kindly posted updates on this blog, but I think all that is currently known about his disappearance has been already been posted on Da Costa’s blog.

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